Supreme ventures unclaimed prize money scam

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

I was contacted by guys (tim edwards and james goldman) from an unclaimed prize dept for Supreme Ventures stating I won 950,000 and if i would pay the 330.00 insurance fee to move the money it would be given to me in 2 hours.Then it was 380.00 for state commisioner, then it was 380 for bank fee, then 550 for c-13 stamp and now they want 2300.00 for something and they are telling me it is my fault for being too slow to send the money.

i can't find any agency to confirm or deny any of this, so i guess im out of alot of money.hope nobody else was desperate enough to take a chance on it.

It would be nice to hear if anyone else know anything about this.

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stop sending them money

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